germany won the world cup i'm so proud my babies ♥ olé

watching: house of cards

listening: arctic monkeys, the black keys, paolo nutini

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emily; i hate youtubers but i love them ok |
pj + raglan tees

dan and phil @ central park [x]

Anonymous: you need at least 1 cigarette and 2 pounds of red lipstick before you become an arctic monkeys song. To become the ultimate AM song you must first wear knee socks, then call someone when you're high before you suck it and see



so many red lipstick choices

but for tonight’s tutorial i’m gonna pick sleek cherry topped with the topshop lip cream in smart

now grab ur leather jacket & your shades

now my knee socks are from drop dead

no one in my family smokes so we are gonna make a makeshift cigarette out of paper

light it

i am an arctic monkeys song


i really want to try and get 8000 followers by SITC help me out 


so close to my next hundred!!


justfashionyoutubeblog: You’re it! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep THE GAME going and make everyone feel beautiful!

thank you <33